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Eat Healthy Throughout the Holiday Season
Monday, 28 December 2009 00:00

healthyeatingContributed by WR Murphy

The holidays are a great time for eating - almost all our special occasions are marked by the copious consumption of food, but many of us are trying to watch our weight, and the resulting conflict between tradition and dietary concern can add unnecessary stress for the holidays.

Last week, some friends of mine brought "holiday humus" to the office. It was wonderful. I don't think they had done anything beyond naming the humus to make it appropriate for the holidays, but it triggered a revelation: we can eat well-made, healthy food for the holidays. Remember how in old novels and movies, the children get oranges in their stockings? That's a great idea. Oranges are delicious, and holiday food doesn't have to be made out of butter and chocolate to taste good.

I once had a salad with candied almonds in it. It was delicious, and would fit right in at any holiday party. Mashed sweet potatoes are great, as are pot pies and pumpkin bread. My advice for holiday cooking is this: remember the fruits of the Earth. There are plenty of foods, like oranges, that taste good right off the tree, or with almost no preparation. Focus on getting some of the sweetness in your meal from fruits and nuts, rather than sugars, and enjoy the natural variety of taste. Holidays are all about tradition, and the tradition of healthy, natural foods is one of the best.

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